Make Me Choose

Make me choose between two characters, ships, etc. and I’ll make a gifset of the one I like best :)


jen lindley // “pilot”

I’m glad I’m here, Grams.

“I’m determined to be happy, happy in this life.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned from losing Jen, that’s it.”

"For the very last time, Dawson, I made a mistake. I thought you of all people would understand someone falling for Joey Potter.

"It’s hard when you love someone that much,
to imagine them having this entire life that you weren’t even there for.”

girlwhostillknowstoomuch: "who's like your favorite otp? mine will forever be joey & pacey. they were my first ever otp & season 3 them is like my favorite."

On the show definitely Joey and Pacey, and they’re one of my all time favorite otps too :) (I don’t have one specific all time otp, i have 3ish that are always at the top though, and pj are always there). And I looove them in season 3 too